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Up until recently, I never thought of that time of the month as being a chink in the poverty cycle. I go to the store, stock up on supplies and go about my day. Since being introduced to Days For Girls, I have learned that many girls around the world girls are sitting at home on a piece of cardboard, using dirty old newspaper, corn husks, bits of mattress stuffing, or even trading favors in exchange for something to use during their period.  Even if they do have access to disposable hygiene, it is unaffordable.  Lost school days cost them an education, which cost them a chance at providing for their families. And so the chain of poverty continues.


When you buy a DFG earring from Wire Expressions, you are giving 1 girl her dignity back. $10 from each DFG earring sold will be donated to the Days for Girls Canada. It costs about $10 to make and distribute one kit.

Sterling Silver hoop earrings with a Kazuri bead dangle. (Kazuri means 'small and beautiful'). $10 from each pair of earrings sold will be donated to Days for Girls Canada*.


Earrings are about 2.5" in length, and are made with handmade Kazuri Beads imported directly from the Kazuri factory in from Kenya and .925 Sterling silver which is beautiful,  long lasting, and hypoallergenic.



As you wear these earrings, express your beautiful self, and remember you've made it easier for another girl to express herself!


Why Wire Expressions Supports Days for Girls



As a girl, I know first hand how embarrassing it can be to public!  What girl can't relate with the fear of that?



DFG supports women in developing areas around the world by providing sustainable feminine hygiene, so they can go to school, go to work and make a better life for their families. Something I take forgranted by being able to run to the store.


Hands On

Sewing is another hobby of mine, so I personally volunteer my hobby to help make kits.



Days for Girls is an international organization. My customers all around the globe, can get involved in their own communities if they want! See the Days for Girls International website to find a chapter or team near you.



Days for Girls is an overall impressive organization. Less than 10% of all donations go toward administrative costs! That is very very low compared to many other non-profits. That means  over 90% goes to making and distributing kits.



I am girl! I love pretty things! I love to express my creativity! I can make a difference!

Every Girl . Everywhere . Period

For more information about Days for Girls please go check out their fabulous website


*Donations made by Wire Expressions will be designated to Days for Girls Canada

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