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Personalization FAQ's

Questions about ALL Personalized Items

❉ How long will it take to ship? 
These are made to order. Shipping times will vary, depending on how many you order, how many orders are ahead of yours, and what time of year it is. The shipping time noted in the listing will be my longest expected time to ship (updated regularly). However, I aim to have your order completed ahead of schedule. I would rather ship earlier than promised, then find myself in a position where I am shipping late and providing poor service.  

❉ Ooops, a name was spelled wrong, what now?
Contact me within 10 days of shipping (as soon as you receive the order), and I will make it right for you right away. If I mis-read the name and spelled it wrong, I will ship out a new one pronto - with HUGE apologies! If you made the spelling error, I will create a new listing for you to purchase a new one, and ship out the new ornament right away. So, please double check your spelling. Once the order is submitted, I can only fix the error if I have not made that name yet. 

❉ Why is the price more for more letters?
I figured out the average number of letters in a name, and used this as my base price. If you had a name with only 4 might feel kind of ripped off to be charged for 10 letters. The more letters I have to make in a name, the more time and materials it takes. As the number of letters increases, the more I need to concentrate on keeping the letters a consistent size, and also need to focus on making the letters a tad smaller in consideration of the overall length of the personalized item.

❉ If I have a name with 4 letters and a name with 10 letters, can I combine the letters, and order two 7 letter names to get a discount?
Sorry, no. I have figured out my pricing to be fair to everyone. And even though a longer name costs more, it saves everyone money overall. The truth is, the longer a name is, the more time and concentration it takes for it to be made right the first time. (See the above explanation)

❉ Can I return my order?
Sorry, personalized items are custom made, there are no returns or refunds once the name(s) have been made for you. (Which could be started same day if there are no other orders ahead of yours). 

❉ I need this shipped right away, can you do that?
Please contact me to see if I am able to ship within your time frame. A rush fee may apply if it means jumping ahead of a bunch of other orders in the que.


❉ Do you offer a quantity discount?
It depends on the item and the quantity you would like as to what kind of quantity disocunt I can offer. Please contact me if you would like to discuss a quantity discount for your special event.




Questions about Christmas Ornament Hooks & Bookmarks

❉ How long is each ornament hook or bookmark name?
Length will range from about 3.5" to 7" long depending on the number of letters. The height depends on what letters are in the name. For example the name 'phillip' would be about 1" tall, whereas the name 'anna' would be about 3/8" tall.


❉ What kind of 'stone' do you use for the bead?
Unless otherwise arranged, I use Czech Glass Fire Polished Beads for the bead on the ornament hooks and the bookmarks. I have several colors to choose from including all birthstone gemstone colors. 


❉ I notice that all the names are done in lower case, can I get my name done in uppercase letters?
I can do the FIRST letter upper case. Please make a note when you check out that you would like it made that way. Otherwise I will make them all lower case letters, including the first letter. Simply typing it with a captial first letter does not mean I will make it with an uppercase letter, unless you specifically tell me to make it uppercase.

❉ Is the ornament hook sturdy enough to hold my glass ornaments?
Wire Expressions tested the weight limit and feels confident it will hold any ornament up to 300g/10.5oz. But to give you an idea...the 3" glass ornament I hang on my tree weighs 30g/1oz. If you are unsure, try it out first, by bouncing the ornament up and down over your hand or soft surface. Please use your own judgement though, as I do not cover breakage. 

❉ Can I get the ornament hooks or bookmarks made in a different color wire?
No, the names can only be made with the shiny silver wire. Sorry :(




Questions about Wine Glass Charms

❉ How long is each Glass ID name/word?
Length will range from about 3/4"" to 2" long depending on the number of letters. The height depends on what letters are in the name. For example the name 'phillip' would be about 3/4" tall, whereas the name 'anna' would be about 1/4" tall.


❉ How sturdy is the lettering?
The Glass ID's do require extra care when handling. The wire that is used on these names is the most flexible wire of the wire I use on other personalized items. If the Glass ID is removed by the suction cup, they will last a very long time, however, if removal is attempted by tugging on the wire name, the name will likely stretch out. I do my best to strengthen and harden this wire without marring the beautiful color, or pricing it out of your budget. 




Questions about Jewellery

❉ How long is each name/word?

Length completely depends on how many letters, how tall the letters are and what size of wire is used. 


❉ What kind of wire do you use on jewellery?

I always use .925 Sterling Silver (unless otherwise mentioned). It is a quality metal that is easy to clean and take care of and is considered to be hypoallergenic. As an artist, I love working with sterling silver. Whenever possible, sterling silver pieces are tumbled to polish and harden. 


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