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Custom Made

The beauty of buying handmade directly from the artist, is you can have something made for you, the way you want it made! 


As an artist I love to help people realize an idea or a dream for something. Whether it is a wedding cake topper, a personalized pendant, or decor for your baby's nursery, I'd love to help make you something unique and beautiful!


So how does custom design work? We start with some conversation back and forth about what you would like. The more detail I have up front, the better picture I have about what it is that you want. Based on that conversation I will give you a round-about-quote. When I say round-about, it's basically my best guess on what I think it would cost me to produce what you are looking for. If you want to proceed I will either do up some sketches or samples so I can provide you with a firm quote. If what you are asking me to design is something totally new - as in I don't already make something similar, then I will likely ask for a design fee. Why a design fee? It covers some of my time and/or materials while I design your idea for you. Once the idea is approved and a deposit is made for the actual item, then I get to do the fun part...create something beautiful for you! 


Please use the form below to get more information!

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