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Wire Signs

NEW!!! Wire Signs

Custom Name Sign
family - Wire Word Sign
Bake ~ Wire Word Sign
Time Zone Label
London Time Zone Label

❉ How big are these words?  The words themselves vary depending on the word you get. The signs will be 1-3" tall (depending on the letters in the word) using a heavy guage wire. eg: 'ann' would be 1" tall because no letters go above or below the line, 'philip' would be 3' tall because it has letters that go above and below the line.


New to the collection are Big Words & Signs! Now the options for personalized get a little more exciting with thicker, bigger personalized items that you could hang just about anywhere! They can be mounted on wood, hung from a ribbon or just pinned on to your wall! The options are really endless!


Thes personalized words can be made with silver colored or brass (gold) wire!


Please contact if you'd like to order one of these!




Tea Bag Steepers

Tea Bag Steepers

Tea Bag Steeper
Tea Bag Steeper
Tea Bag Clips
Tea Bag Steeper
Accessories for Tea Lovers
Tea Bag Steeper Color Choices

Every tea drinker needs one of these! What do you do with the tea bag that does not have a string? Or those loose leaf tea sacs that drip down the side of your mug? You know what I'm talking about! The robust clip, attaches onto the tea bag and the beads and tea cup hang over the side of your tea cup while your tea steeps. Remove the tea bag without fussing with spoons or burnt fingers! It can also be used to clip loose tea bags closed. 


The Wire Expressions Tea Bag Steeper is cute, unique and functional! They are great for personal use or to give away as small gifts!


Year after year, this continues to be my top selling item. You really can't go wrong with that!


Buy one now here!




Will the Tea Bag Steeper tarnish? It won't 'tarnish', but the nature of tea could discolor the clip over time, especially if left in a cup of tea for extended time (Like a couple days! This is what experience has taught me anyways!) 
How do I clean it? Hand wash it, use a small brush (like a toothbrush) to get into the clip.

Any other care tips? Do not put it in the dishwasher. Do not put a COLD tea steeper into HOT tea, as the beads are glass and they could break due to shock.

Key Finder Keychains

Key Finders
Purse Key Finder Keychain
Key Finder Key Chain
Key Chain Key Finder Purse Hook
Purse Key Finder Keychain Hook
Key Finder Color Choices

Find your keys easily with this cute innovative design that hooks over the opening of your handbag, keeping your keys inside your purse, out of sight, yet just within your reach. 

Made with sturdy light weight wire and colorful glass beads. Includes a spring clasp and key ring. The spring clasp enables you to quickly add & remove extra key rings.

Available in several colors.


As the artist of this item, this is the one item that people will repeatedly go out of their way to tell me they LOVE! I love it and so do my customers!


Buy one now here!



❉ Will it fall out of my purse? My experience over several years says NO! The keychain itself is very light weight, and so it is the weight of your keys that holds it 'in' your purse. 

❉ I don't like heavy keychains - No problem. this keychain is very lightweight, it's made with a very strong yet light wire it's also not big and bulky, and I have never found it to intrude on my leg space while driving either.

Personalized Bookmarks

Personalized Bookmarks

Personalized Wire Bookmark
Personalized Wire Bookmark
Personalized Wire Bookmark
Personalized Wire Bookmark
Personalized Wire Bookmark
Personalized Wire Bookmark
Personalized Wire Bookmark
Personalized Wire Bookmark

After perfecting my wire writting technique, I am pleased to offer many personalized options, including these bookmarks, using light weight wire to carefully craft your personalized name or word. 


Wire Expressions' wire writing can be described as a mix between cursive and printing, so that each letter is legible and readable. 


Size varies depending on the number of letters. However, the bookmark stem is about 4.5" in length. The bead is available in many colors (including all birthstone colors) and is 8mm in size.  


Buy one now here!



❉ Do  you offer other personalized items? YES!!! 

Christmas Ornament Hangers

Suction Cup Glass ID's (See the next item on this page)


And anything you can dream up! Just contact me!

❉ For complete list of questions and answers about personalized items,

click here.

Glass ID's

Suction Cup Glass ID's

Personalized Glass Charms
Mmmm Yummy Specialty Personalized Beverage Glass Charms
PB & J Suction Cup Beverage Glass Charms
Yours & Mine Suction Cup Glass ID's
Mr & Mrs Wine Glass Charms Wedding Gift
Bride & Groom Wedding Favor Wine Charms

A unique and more function alternaitve to the traditional 'wine glass charm'! The suction cup will stick to any smooth surfaced beverage glass, making it more functional for any type of occassion. Use it on regular wine glasses, stemless wine glasses, tumblers, coffee and tea mugs...anything that is 'smooth'.


Each set of charms comes in an organza drawstring bag for storage.


Personalization is also available for these! And there are Christmas themese packages available as well. 



Buy one now here!



❉ How well do they stay on? Very well! But here are a few tips and tricks just to make sure they do stick for as long as you need them to!

For best results:

Use a drop of water on the tip of your finger to moisten the suction cup. Unless the glass is bumpy, very curved (like a beer bottle), or very greasy this is usually the best way to keep it sticking for several hours.


Apply it to your glass before your pour the beverage in. So, in the case of a party...I pre-attach my charms before my guests arrive. I find that sometimes when I attach it after I pour the beverage in, the condensation or heat doesn't allow it to stick well. But this temperature change is rarley an issue when applied beforehand.


Keepsake Greeting Cards with Page Holder Bookmark

Birthday Card with Cupcake Bookmark
Encouragement Card with Tulip Bookmark
Keepsake Bookmark Card for Teacher
Handmade Heart Wedding Card
Friendship Card with Tea Cup or Mug

Keepsake greeting cards with a handcrafted page holder bookmark are perfect for all occassions. Especailly when a card is too small, but a gift is too much. 


The card is a blank 5.5"x4.25 card, ready for you to write your special message in! When they are finished enjoying the card, it can be recycled while the page holder can be removed and used to mark books, daytimers, or to scrapbook with!

Special Order Only


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