Wire Care

Unless otherwise noted, the jewellery handcrafted by Wire Expressions is made with .925 sterling silver wire and findings. Sterling silver is a durable, holds it's value and is hypo-allergenic. Your Wire Expressions™ Sterling Silver jewellery will be in your collection for years to come!


Gift items are made with various types of base wire. Wire Expressions takes great care to make a durable product, however, proper care should be taken to ensure wire is not pulled on or bent, as this could affect your product.



Caring for your Sterling Silver Jewellery


Put your jewellery on after applying your cosmetics and perfume. Do not wear it when bathing, sleeping, playing sports or swimming. 


All sterling silver jewellery pieces by Wire Expressions come in their own mini resealable bag for easy storage when you are not wearing it. Storing your jewellery in a sealed bag will keep it from tangling with other jewellery in your box and also help prevent the silver from tarnishing over time. 


Silver, Brass & Copper tarnishes when exposed to moisture in the air. Avoid storing your jewellery in the bathroom or in humid places. Placing a cotton ball or a piece of chalk in your ziploc bag can suck up some of the humidity. Wearing your silver jewellery regularly will help prevent it from tarnishing.  In addition, minimize exposing your silver to substances which contain sulfur (e.g., mayonnaise, eggs, mustard, onions, latex, wool) as the sulfur will cause corrosion.


If your jewellery does tarnish you can polish it with the non-toxic silver polish recipe or a jewellery cleaner designed for silver. A 'Sunshine Cloth' or similar treated polishing cloth is also recommended for gentle use. Pretty much all of Wire Expressions designs can cleaned using the Silver Polish Recipe on this page. 


Keep jewellery out of reach of young children (especially grabby baby hands!!!)



Caring for your other wire creations


Wire Expressions prides itself in using quality materials and processes that make a sturdy product for it's intended use. Some wire is so strong, bolt cutters and heavy duty tools are used to work with it, other wire is quite soft. Regardless of what wire is used, care should be taken not to bend the design.

  • Use the item for it's intended use.

  • When using a polishing cloth, be gentle and clean small areas at a time.

  • Don't let children (or cats) play with it. Experience says that this tiny individuals can be quite destructive without even really trying!


Designs that use Sterling Silver, Brass or Copper wire might develop a natural aged patina over time. This occurs as alloys in the metals react with gases in the air. This will occur quicker in more humid environments. Unlike rust, tarnish is easily removeable and does not damage the underlying metal.

Copper - Use the silver cleaning method found on this page.

Brass - Soak brass pieces in a solution of warm water and lemon juice for a few minutes, or gently rub with a cloth that has be soaked with lemon juice. Rinse with water and pat dry with a dry towel 


Aluminum & Stainless Steel wire will not tarnish and should remain shiny for years. A polish cloth will refresh the shine if exposed to dirt or skin oils! Do not re-bend aluminum wire, it's incredibly strong wire, but it has a fragile emotional side to it. 


Colored wire will not tarnish, and has beautiful vibrant colors! However, this is the most flexible of all wires used by Wire Expressions. Use it only for it's intended purpose, and as directed to preserve the wire shape. Minimal handling on the wire design itself should be the practice.



Multi Strand Wire


Some pieces use a fine Multi strand wire that is drawn with .925 sterling silver, and coated with nylon. This wire has a high kink resistance. All findings and additional wire used on these pieces are .925 Sterling Silver.


Jewellery pieces with the multi-strand wire should be stored by gently wrapping it in a double coil, placed in the ziploc bag and stored flat so it does not bend. Even though it is kink resistant, it is not indestructible.

Silver Polish Recipe


What you need:

Shallow Glass Dish

Aluminum Foil

1-2 Tbsp Baking Soda

Boiling Water (enough to cover your silver)


Line your dish with tin foil. Arrange silver so it is touching the tin foil in at least one place. Sprinkle with baking soda. Pour boiling water over baking soda and silver. Let soak for 3-5 minutes. 


If the silver is not touching the foil, gently press it down with a plastic object till it connects with the foil, or cover a plastic object with tin foil and touch it to the silver. 


Rinse well with warm water and gentry rub dry with a clean soft cotton cloth. 


Allow to thouroughly air dry before returning to your resealable bag bag for storage.


***This recipe will also work to clean Copper.


***This cleaning method is not recommended for items that contains precious gems or porous stones. Coated beads may fade or peel. If you are unsure about cleaning your Wire Expressions jewellery, please contact us.


***Do not use this recipe to clean items such as Bali Silver where parts of the metal have been intenionally darkened. This cleaning process will remove the intenional oxidation as well as any tarnish you wish to remove.