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Personalized Chrismtas Ornament Hangers

Custom Name Ornaments
2021 Tree Personalized Ornament
Custom Ornaments
Newlyweds Ornament
Personalized Ornament Hangers
Baby's First Christmas Ornament Hook
Personalized Wire Ornaments

Personalize your tree ornaments and give a special gift this year. Ornament hangers replace that clumsy, ugly piece of wire that come in the ornament box. Made with lightweight wire which will not add extra weight to your tree branches. 


Wire Expressions' wire writing can be described as a mix between cursive and printing, so that each letter is legible and readable. 


Size varies depending on the number of letters. The bead is available in many colors (including all birthstone colors) and is 8mm in size.  Available with or without a year charm.


Buy one now here!




❉ Do  you offer other personalized items? YES!!! 

Bookmarks, Suction Cup Glass ID's, Bracelets

And anything you can dream up! Just contact me!

❉ For complete list of questions and answers about personalized items,

click here.

Ornament Hangers

Christmas Ornament Hooks
Christmas Ornament Hangers
Fancy Christmas Tree Ornament Hook
Icicle Beaded Ornament Hook
Heart Ornament Hook
Bell Ornament Hanger
Angel Ornament Hanger
Ornament Hanger Choices
Christmas Ornament Hangers

Stop using paper clips to hang the ornaments on your tree and add some extra beauty to your tree. Simply hook these onto your ornaments and hang them from your tree! Made with lightweight wire, they will not add extra weight to pull down on your tree branches. 


Ornament Hanger height ranges from 4" to 6".


Buy some now here!




Christmas Jewellery

Sterling silver jewellery is a great gift to buy at Christmas! Whether it's a gift for a loved one, a friend, a co-worker or yourself, it will be sure to please!




Check out some more of the jewelery from Wire Expressions here!



Squiggle Christmas Tree Earrings
Squiggle Christmas Tree Earrings
Christmas Party Earrings
Fancy Christmas Bracelet
Gift for Moms or Grandmothers
Christmas Party Necklace
Glass IDs

Suction Cup Glass ID's

Christmas Drink Charms
Christmas Themed Wine Charms

A unique and more function alternaitve to the traditional 'wine glass charm'! The suction cup will stick to any smooth surfaced beverage glass, making it more functional for any type of occassion. Use it on regular wine glasses, stemless wine glasses, tumblers, coffee and tea mugs...anything that is 'smooth'.


Each set of charms comes in an organza drawstring bag for storage.


Personalization is also available for these! And there are non-Christmas themed packages available as well. 



Buy one now here!



❉ How well do they stay on? Very well! But here are a few tips and tricks just to make sure they do stick for as long as you need them to!

For best results:

Use a drop of water on the tip of your finger to moisten the suction cup. Unless the glass is bumpy, very curved (like a beer bottle), or very greasy this is usually the best way to keep it sticking for several hours.


Apply it to your glass before your pour the beverage in. So, in the case of a party...I pre-attach my charms before my guests arrive. I find that sometimes when I attach it after I pour the beverage in, the condensation or heat doesn't allow it to stick well. But this temperature change is rarley an issue when applied beforehand.


Keepsake Christmas Cards with Page Holder Bookmark

Card with Christmas Tree Bookmark
Tree Bookmark Christmas Card
Card with Christmas Tree Bookmark
Tree Bookmark Christmas Card

Keepsake greeting cards with a handcrafted page holder bookmark are perfect for all occassions. Especailly when a card is too small, but a gift is too much. 


The card is a blank 5.5"x4.25 card, ready for you to write your special message in! When they are finished enjoying the card, it can be recycled while the page holder can be removed and used to mark books, daytimers, or to scrapbook with!



Special Order Only


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